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Save up to 9% on Apple Certified Refurbished iPhone 7. Also, free shipping and one-year limited warranty.
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Points will be awarded on the net value. VAT, All other taxes, surcharges and any additional costs such as deliveries are excluded. Points will not be awarded on the Homepod, giftcards, gift wrap, One to One Membership, Bose products, Apple Developer Programs, and shipping. Eligible only to a customer for up to 5 units per eligible product, except iPhone, in which case only 2 units within a 30 day period are eligible. Apple sells and ships to end customers only, you may not purchase for resale. 

Points will only be rewarded once all products in your order have been shipped. Please note if you return or exchange purchased products in the Apple Retail Store your Points may be affected. When purchasing through the Education Store no Points cannot be rewarded on sales made by clicking the 'Select your University' button. Instead, simply click one of the 'Shop now' buttons instead to get Points on your order. Points are awarded by this site, not Apple.
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